May Updates

April was a busy month! So far most of the work revolved around the greenhouse with some time spent getting the field reading. Your farmer has been working hard getting a variety of vegetables growing for CSA members as well as farmer's market. Here is a sneak peek at what has been going on so far. 

Prepping soil blocks for seeding, which are made entirely from compost. 

A few of the vegetables that will be showing up in CSA shares and at farmer's market throughout the season. 

Our assistant farmer watches the field being prepped. 

Some vegetables are seeded directly into the ground rather than in the greenhouse, like peas, spinach, and carrots. 

Planting strawberries. 


Our chickens, Pickle and Pepper exploring the outdoors. These ladies are older hens that were donated to us. They are basically pets that lay eggs when they feel like it. About 50% of their food intake comes from grass, bugs, and compost. 

The vegetables coming along nicely in the greenhouse, pictured above are okra, brocolli, and cabbage. 

Our assistant farmer Liam loves to be involved. 

The peas have grown large enough for stringing. 

A beautiful row of turnips.