Weekly CSA Half Share

Weekly CSA Half Share

CSA Quick Facts

What is a CSA? First of all, it stands for Community Supported Agriculture, which is a partnership between farmers and consumers. A farm will sell memberships, or shares, before the start of the season which provides members with fresh produce every week during harvest season.

What do we mean by fresh? Almost every item will be harvested same day or the day before pickup. At many grocery stores, the fruit and veggies you will find are weeks to months old, and have traveled hundreds to thousands of miles to get there!

With a CSA, you know who is growing your food and how it is grown. You're getting GMO and chemical free food for a lot less than you would at the market. Your membership is supporting a small local business, not a corporation.

Many people don't know exactly what can be grown in Michigan. You'll get to see your weekly harvest change with the seasons, and have a better connection and appreciation for your food. No two years are the same. Some crops might thrive and others struggle based on weather, pests and other factors.

In the end, you'll have a better connection with the area you live in and the people around you. Joining a CSA is also a great way to try new vegetables, recipes, and cooking methods! 

If you are wondering whether a CSA might be for you, check out our comprehensive guide on joining one by clicking here.

Share Pricing

We offer full shares for $500 and half shares for $300. Full shares have the most variety and quantity each week. A full share is great for a family of 4 or for those who plan to preserve vegetables, while a half share is a great size for 2 people. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Also, if you really don't like certain foods, or you want more of one item than another, let us know!

Purchase a CSA Half or Full Share online by clicking here.