Farmer John

Aliases : Lion John, Johannes, Johnny Pockets

Born and raised in Dearborn Michigan.  Growing up I had dreams of being either a cartoonist or professional athlete.  It wasn’t until my sophomore year at Grand Valley State University that I found my true passion: farming.  Sure, I easily could have chosen a life as a multimillionaire running back or tight end, world renowned wallyball star, or the next Bill Watterson.  Instead, while taking an environmental science class, I became an intern at an amazing vegetable farm just outside of Grand Rapids.  

Farm life completely changed who I am.  I found a career I was passionate about, and a lifestyle that suited me.  There were real struggles at first, like intense back pain, insatiable hunger, and the occasional thought of “What the hell am I doing??”  After the adjustment period, I have never felt better.  I was in the best shape I had ever been in mentally and physically, I enjoyed my routine including waking up at 5 am, and found a true appreciation for REAL FOOD!  

We grew over 50 different varieties of vegetables, 30 to 50% of which I had never tried, and also raised chickens, sheep, pigs, and a goat…  Home-cooked lunch was provided for us and all interns were encouraged to bring in snacks to share in a rotation.  That’s when I really changed my diet, improved my cooking skills and found that things like Brussels sprouts, kale, cilantro are delicious (still working on okra, beets, and a few others)!  

Family Life!  My wife Brittany and I have been together since senior year of high school.  We’ve traveled the world to exotic locations like Germany, Portland, OR. and Des Moines, IA.  Although we chose very different career paths, a hunt for good food has always bonded us together.  

Fast forward to today: We have our sons Liam and Caleb, now one dog Lucy (RIP Ducky), and live on a 5 acre farm in Belleville Michigan.  I love watching our boys grow and discover new things, and learning how to be a parent with Brittany.  Every day is an adventure and I’m ready for the next! 


Doctor Brittany

Aliases: Mouse, War Hammer 

Born in Taylor County Kentucky to parents who are both originally from Michigan.  John and Nanette decided it was time to go when little Brittany starting saying things like "dowg" for dog and "royne" for ruin.  Once in Michigan, little Brittany started thriving.  Aside from poor marks for "running, skipping and jumping" she became an excellent student with a passion for reading and learning.  

After completing her bachelors in biomedical science at Grand Valley State University, Brittany earned a doctorate in physical therapy at Des Moines University.  She has gained experience working in outpatient rehab and home care and has now started Advanced Balance Clinic in Dearborn with occupational therapist Allen Hus.  Don't just accept pain, poor balance, or challenging everyday tasks.  Let them help you!

PT by day, farm girl by night, Liam and Caleb's mom all day everyday. 


Big Liam

Aliases: Pumpkin, Lil' Ham, Stinker

Born June 18th 2015, Liam hasn't wasted a minute of his infant/toddler life.  Currently he loves reading books, playing with trains, keeping his toys away from his brother, helping in the kitchen, playing outside, and being a junior farmer.  He always wants to sit in the truck, and make the engine noises whether it's on or off.  His favorite things to say are: "Just a minute," "Allllll Cleeean," and "Liam need nap too, not yet, no."

In his free time, Liam enjoys running, playing with Lucy, and having rolling suitcase battles in the basement.


Baby Caleb

Aliases: Peanut, Cal, Cable (thank you Liam)

Welcome the newest farmer!  Caleb was born July 6th 2017.  This little man just wants to party.  Always on the move, climbing up whoever is holding him, and eating like a champ.  So far we can't find any foods he doesn't like which is a nice change from his brother.  It won't be long and he'll be walking so watch our for Caleb picked produce in your shares!